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Out of the corporate jungle and into the wild!

Disruptive leadership requires determination, grit, creativity and the ability to manage adversity, challenge and risk. It also requires a phenomenal team who are united in vision and can perform well under pressure. Sound like it’s too much to ask of your team? In many workplaces, it can be.

To develop these skills and the comradery needed in your team, you need to leave your usual environment, roles and bureaucracy behind and go on an adventure! What’s an adventure going to do, you might ask? Unleash your team’s power!

By evening out the playing field, getting everyone outside of the workplace and their comfort zones, and communicating and working together out of necessity, your team will have more authentic interactions, develop transferable skills that have direct impact on your organisational performance and culture, and what’s more, achieve amazing feats and goals together.

The quick adventure fix

Taking into consideration your organisational goals, the physical ability of your team and the skills needing to be developed, we customise a day of adventure that you and your team will never forget. Day adventures are run regularly in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, though we can also travel to you – just name the state and location.

Extended adventures

Our extended adventures are by expression of interest only and offer life-changing experiences for executives and employees. We’ve got top-secret plans in place but think along the lines of a hike through the Tasmanian wilderness or a climbing expedition in Japan.

Whatever adventure program you choose, you will be guided and challenged by an experienced business, leadership and adventure coach who will be by your side before, during and after your adventure to make sure your objectives are achieved and that the skills and lessons gained are tied back into your business and implemented throughout the workplace.

They say the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, so before you book the usual sit-down-and-listen educational workshop for your team that can have a low 5% retention rate, why not consider something different – something that they will never forget. Call us today on 0407 915 300 to chat about an ideal adventure day or trip for your team.


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What Bec's Clients Say

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Bec is a dynamic leader with vision. She inspires growth and change. She has amazing focus, is flexible and innovative. Bec takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery and personal and professional growth. She is solid gold.

Viv Capes

Bec is a master at bringing a team together and encouraging individuals in the group to bring their best self. Bec brought her inclusive, fun, easy going and warm nature to our session but all the while I was left with no doubt that not only was she 100% on point in her subject matter, she artfully guided and nudged our group to our fullest potential. Thanks Bec.

May McGarva
Atticus Accountants

We have been working with Bec Fox and her team for over 5 years. Our corporate clients LOVE the team building programs on offer and always provide fabulous feedback about Bec’s team and the outcomes they achieve. It has been a pleasure working with Bec and we look forward to creating more opportunities together in the future.

Cassie Spellacy
Operations Manager
Cedar Creek Lodges & Thunderbird Park®

I engaged Bec Fox to be the mentor and leadership coach of Positive Women Victoria's Reaching Your Potential program - workshop 4: Make The Change. Attended by 10 women living with HIV, the feedback was all 'fantastic'. All said Bec helped change their lives enabling them to reach their potential in both their personal life and as emerging HIV advocates. Bec has a very special skill in seeing each individual's potential and helping them step out of their comfort zone to allow growth to happen. On behalf of all the women, thank you, thank you, thank you. Heather Ellis, communications and engagement coordinator, Positive Women Victoria.

Heather Ellis

Our senior leadership team benefited greatly from an afternoon session with Bec Fox. Her ability to read people, combined with her fantastic attitude, energy and her vast knowledge ensured a successful afternoon where all members participated and were fully engaged. I highly recommend you look at Bec Fox’s services for your next team meeting!

Sean Hickling