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Become the leader others want to follow

As a leader, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to establish strategic direction, lead your team through growth and change, and ensure the seamless running of your business.

Your ability to instil trust, communicate your vision, encourage buy-in, engage employees, inspire action and maintain influence can directly determine the level of success you achieve in business and the level of respect you earn with your team.

It’s no small feat, but it can be easier when you have support from someone who has been where you are and can talk through the challenges, help identify the opportunities, and be the navigator when you can’t see any way forward.

Unleashing your inner leader

The days of doing ‘business as usual’ are over. To be an effective leader you need to be able to anticipate trends, understand people and their needs, drive change and innovation and be disruptive – in all the right ways.

To ensure you’re equipped with the business nous and leadership ability needed to thrive in a changing business environment, we increase your interpersonal skills through personality profiling you and your team, and improve business performance by auditing and developing the nine critical areas of business:

  1. Culture – to ensure you have people who care as much as you do
  2. Recruitment – to secure the right talent for your business
  3. Profitability – to minimise costs and maximise cash flow
  4. Growth – to make sure you’re moving forwards not backwards
  5. Systemisation – for greater knowledge transfer and efficiency
  6. Execution – to make sure what needs to be done gets done
  7. Project Management – to ensure ongoing innovations and opportunities are explored
  8. Technology – to streamline your processes and equip your team with the tools needed to work effectively.

Whether you’re managing five employees or five hundred, have been a leader for decades or are new to the leadership game, we can help you gain clarity around goals, develop your team, prepare for growth and manage change to unleash your full leadership potential through workshops, training and ongoing coaching.

Want to boost your leadership capability? Need to be ready to lead significant growth or change? Let’s have a chat on 0407 915 300 and turn you into the leader people want to follow.


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What Bec's Clients Say

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You were definitely the right person to sort out our School Camps Business Division and you have done an outstanding job. You have met most of our performance objectives with professionalism at all times and, as a result, you certainly have in us some dedicated ‘Bec Fox’ devotees forevermore.

Judi Minnikin
Managing Director and Owner
Cedar Creek Lodges & Thunderbird Park®

We have been working with Bec Fox and her team for over 5 years. Our corporate clients LOVE the team building programs on offer and always provide fabulous feedback about Bec’s team and the outcomes they achieve. It has been a pleasure working with Bec and we look forward to creating more opportunities together in the future.

Cassie Spellacy
Operations Manager
Cedar Creek Lodges & Thunderbird Park®

It always such a pleasure to work with Bec on the International Camp Directors Course. Bec has an amazing and well-proven depth of knowledge in Camp Business Management, to which she now adds an extraordinary insight as a Business and LeadershipCoach. Thanks, Bec for your energy and enthusiasm - you inspired the course (me included) to get better and better at what we do. Look forward to working with you again soon!

Paul Colagiuri
Director and Co-Owner
Sydney Urban Challenge and Camp Somerset

Unleash Your Power is an apt name for anything involving Bec Fox, whose professional skills and business acumen are second-to-none. Bec's extensive and high-level management experience, complemented by her boundless energy and enthusiasm, create the 'perfect storm' for any organisation or individual requiring leadership consultancy, coaching or mentoring.    

Helen Gibney
Cleanskin Marketing

We would like to thank Rebecca for her insightful knowledge and outstanding support in coaching and helping us to be outstanding at everything that we do. She explains concepts and strategies in such a way that makes you have great confidence and strength to move forward in everything that you aspire to. We feel so happy after seeing Bec and feel like we could tackle anything. On top of the world! Thanks Bec, you are a star....  

Luke Marton
CEO and Founder
Life By Design Financial Services