May McGarva

Bec is a master at bringing a team together and encouraging individuals in the group to bring their best self.

Bec brought her inclusive, fun, easy going and warm nature to our session but all the while I was left with no doubt that not only was she 100% on point in her subject matter, she artfully guided and nudged our group to our fullest potential.

Thanks Bec.

May McGarva
Atticus Accountants

Dulise Maxwell

“Bec joined the board on which I was a fellow Director and later Chair. I found her passion and skill to not only be of great professional value to the Board but also personally supportive in my role as chair. She was not afraid to challenge appropriately within board meetings but to also passionately champion the board and support the board in all forums. a great professional director!”

Dulise Maxwell
International Management Consultant

Another great workshop by Bec for Tea-cup Cottage.

Lea Dux

“Bec delivers a deeply insightful understanding of the importance of disruptive leadership, vulnerability in community culture and the significance of failure in growth. Bec is an awesome to draw out an understanding of your potential in the workplace.”

Reilly Brown

“Walked away from the training refreshed and excited for the future. It definitely gave me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and try a different approach in a work situation. I would say I approach people from a Different mindset also.

Thanks a tonne!”

Rachelle Becker

Amanda Jesnoewski

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Bec behind the scenes in her business and what a blast! It’s not often that you find someone who lives and breathes their passion and is so in love with life. Possessing incredible business nous, an amazing ability to engage people and a genuine desire to add value in everything she does you can’t help but walk away from every single conversation with Bec feeling both inspired and energised.”

Amanda Jesnoewski
Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

Mark Collard

“Bec has a special talent, indeed, may talents. She can cut through the BS and seek the hidden value in a conversation or an asset. Bec and I have navigated the Australian and international camping scene for many, many years, and I always enjoy connecting with her. She’s a rock star.”

Mark Collard
Founder and Director

Viv Capes

“Bec is a leader who adapts to change and growth – always with a purpose to give, to grow, to live and to love.

After attending Bec’s workshops and presentations I am injected with a renewed zest for life on many different levels.

Bec is a leader and in her presentations gives solutions which inspire growth and change with clarity.

Bec is dynamic and has the ability to change lives that are ready for leadership and direction – no matter what background or age groups. She adapts the focus to suit the audience. Bec is dynamic, flexible and energetic.

To be in her presence is awesome because she shares personal stories with humour and powerful insights.

Bec takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery and personal and professional success. She does this skilfully and with warmth.”

Bec is a dynamic leader with vision. She inspires growth and change.

She has amazing focus, is flexible and innovative.

Bec takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery and personal and professional growth.

She is solid gold.

Viv Capes
Coach and Event Assistant

Peter Schilling

“Bec through her workshops, amazing listen skills and her forthright advice has had a profound impact on our organisation.

In our initial interview it was clear to me that Bec was a great listener (she was taking notes) and was really trying to understand who we are, what we stand for and what problems we have. This is unique in the world of coaches and consultants.

When working with our team Bec was able to clearly identify and articulate where we needed work and help us map a way forward: incredible!  I am so thankful to Bec for her insight, her honesty and flexibility in working with our team and our needs.

Bec Fox comes with my highest recommendation. Work with Bec Fox and you’ll be moving in the right direction.”

Peter Schilling
Operations Manager
Luther Heights and Koojarewon Youth Camps

Paul Colagiuri

“It was such a pleasure to work with Bec on the International Camp Directors Course. Bec has an amazing and well proven depth of knowledge in Business Management, to which she now adds an extraordinary insight as a Business and Leadership Coach. Thanks Bec for you energy and enthusiasm – you inspired the course (me included) to get better and better at what we do. Look forward to working with you again soon!”

Paul Colagiuri
Urban Challenge

What Bec's Clients Say

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"Bec's extensive and high-level management experience, complimented by her boundless energy and enthusiasm, create the 'perfect storm' for any organisation or individual requiring leadership consultancy, coaching or mentoring."

Helen Gibney
Cleanskin Marketing

"One of our Managers had no blockers besides themselves for achieving their own potential. I was having great difficulty getting them to see that. Bec came in and immediately had a positive impact with this situation and now everyone is moving forward very well indeed. Thank You Bec Fox!! You are truly excellent at what you do. I will look forward to all of your growth in the future. I will also happily refer you to anyone whenever I get the opportunity!"

Fred Heckeroth
Sales and Development Manager
ASP Rope Access

"I worked with Bec almost 15 years ago when my Architecture studio was engaged for conceptual designs on a large recreation project. Her passion and zest for life was contagious. Having recently reconnected, I have now engaged Bec as my business mentor. She walks closely with me with proactive guidance, accountability and constant feedback, all with a smile!

Her passion for seeing both people and business succeed is evident. She believes in herself! She believes in working with people! She believes success is possible, you just have to work for it ... Bec will work with you for this."

Craig Dinte