14 March 2018

As a human behavioural expert, business and leadership coach and successful business leader, I often reflect on, witness and experience many different forms of leadership. And I’ve found there is a huge gap between a ‘good leader’ and a ‘phenomenal leader’.

The biggest gaps seem to be in how they build rapport, relationships and trust. It’s essential for a phenomenal leader to have certainty and ability to develop positive relationships with others. To help you develop further in these areas, I’ve included below 15 tips for phenomenal leadership.

Now granted this isn’t an exhaustive list, but it will serve as a great reference point for those new in leadership roles, and a reminder or refresher for those who have been in leadership for many years.

  1. Have a leadership curiosity. Who are great leaders you know? What do they do differently? What do you need to be, do or have? Learn and model from them.
  2. Always have the outcome in mind. What is the purpose? What’s the project or company mission?
  3. Always align values, behaviour, strategies, tasks and responsibilities to the vision and mission.
  4. Leave your alter ego and sabotaging ego at the door. You’re not the focus when you are a leader; you’re team and mission are your focus.
  5. Show vulnerability. Know your strengths and stretches. Share them, be accountable and apologise. Be honest. Surround yourself with others who are more brilliant than you; you’re not expected to be an expert in everything.
  6. Be committed to seek behavioural understanding of each person on your team as every individual and team is unique and extraordinary. How do they best learn? What makes them engaged, motivated and inspired?
  7. Become one with others. Step in their shoes. Mirror them if you need to. Listen to them. Take on their tone, actions and language. You’ll build respect, trust and rapport faster. Then lead by example, encourage and share with them your expectations. Pace. Pace. Lead.
  8. Build trust through authenticity. Be reliable, dependable and follow through.
  9. Celebrate mistakes and allow others to step outside of comfort zone and make them too. Failure is merely feedback. Always celebrate new learnings, achievements and mistakes, as they are new ways of discovery.
  10. Hire a business or leadership coach for yourself so you can learn new ways of thinking. Mentor and support opportunities for professional development and growth of others.
  11. Stop to reflect, review and rethink the environment, structure, implementation and people.
  12. Who’s your team? Identify your team’s strengths and stretches. Profiling is excellent way to gain clarity on yourself and others in your team. It’s also resourceful to share it within your team. EDISC and Meta Dynamics are excellent profiling tools.
  13. Nurture significance, connection, variety, certainty, growth and contribution to your team. It can start with a smile.
  14. Have time for self-care, solitude, nature and re-energising time.
  15. Know your customers and team well. Research and become curious about their needs, behaviours and preferred ways of learning.

What tips will you implement in your leadership? Leave me a message in the comment section below!

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"Bec's extensive and high-level management experience, complimented by her boundless energy and enthusiasm, create the 'perfect storm' for any organisation or individual requiring leadership consultancy, coaching or mentoring."

Helen Gibney
Cleanskin Marketing

"One of our Managers had no blockers besides themselves for achieving their own potential. I was having great difficulty getting them to see that. Bec came in and immediately had a positive impact with this situation and now everyone is moving forward very well indeed. Thank You Bec Fox!! You are truly excellent at what you do. I will look forward to all of your growth in the future. I will also happily refer you to anyone whenever I get the opportunity!"

Fred Heckeroth
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"I worked with Bec almost 15 years ago when my Architecture studio was engaged for conceptual designs on a large recreation project. Her passion and zest for life was contagious. Having recently reconnected, I have now engaged Bec as my business mentor. She walks closely with me with proactive guidance, accountability and constant feedback, all with a smile!

Her passion for seeing both people and business succeed is evident. She believes in herself! She believes in working with people! She believes success is possible, you just have to work for it ... Bec will work with you for this."

Craig Dinte