Being in business is one of the greatest adventures you can go on, don’t you think? But while there are many of us on the expedition to business and career success, we’re each taking different paths to different destinations and can experience different challenges along the way.

That’s why I’ve created this page; it serves as your map. Your path is unique, and that means your journey through our website should be too. To find the most relevant content for you, look through the section headings below and find the ones that fit in with what you want to achieve. It’s that easy.

Can’t find the heading for you? Let’s have a chat anyway on 0407 915 300 – truth be told I’ve never been one to fit the mould either!

I want to...

Reignite my passion and discover my why

Awesome, what an exciting journey you’re on! You’ll want to check out growth mindsets which will help you establish a mindset for success, transitioning to help discover what you really want to do and perhaps even leadership coaching to help you establish your vision and more importantly get people to follow it.

I want to...

create a phenomenal team and supercharge our culture

Boy, are you in for a ride! You’ll want to check out how we can help you increase communication through personality profiling, gain and retain the best team through recruitment and transitioning, develop growth mindsets for greater performance and create high functional teams.

I want to...

Build camaraderie and improve the performance of my team under pressure

Then it’s adventure time! You’ll want to check out our corporate adventure programs where a customised adventure is designed for your organisation that will excite, engage and challenge your team as well as reveal key strengths and weaknesses. We then take the knowledge and skills learnt and apply it in the workplace through coaching, to make sure your team is working at their peak. Also, you might want to take a peak at what we do through our corporate retreats.

I want to...

Be a leader that people want to follow

You’re already on your way to being a remarkable leader as you’re wise enough to realise it’s not about you it’s about the people you lead. Your ability to influence, change minds, shape opinions, and motivate people to act, can have a dramatic impact on the level of success you achieve in business and the level of respect you earn with your team. If you want to improve your leadership skills, then checking out leadership coaching is a must.

You might also then want to come back and check out the ‘I want to create a phenomenal team and supercharge our culture’ section above.

I need to...

Improve our conversion rates and sales

Let’s face it you can have the best idea, brand and team, but if you don’t have customers, you won’t have a business for long. With competition increasing and customers becoming more immune to the same old sales approaches and marketing strategies, to get a better result you have to be different – and you have to add value. We talk about this more under Sales and Marketing Training.

I want to...

Uncover our organisational weak spots to operate at an optimal level

Then it’s time for a diagnostic! Hidden in every business are unnecessary expenses, inefficiencies and wastes that can impact your profitability, performance, team productivity and ultimately growth. Through our diagnostic, we get to root of your current challenges and uncover the hidden challenges that are silently sabotaging your business.

To find out more, jump on over to the contact page and let’s have a chat. Also, take a few minutes to fill in our FREE individual diagnostic that looks at your personal performance. Your business can only grow as much as the person running it after all!

I need a...

Speaker for my next event

Super! You’ll want to check out the speaker page where you’ll find out more about Bec and everything you’ll need to make marketing your event easy. You might also want to check out our About page which will give you a little more background and some quirky facts on Bec that can make for an interesting introduction!

What Bec's Clients Say

Read Testimonials
Bec, has excellent interpersonal skills and is an expert in her field. Highly recommend her to your leadership team and student “leadership Teams

Ms Lim
Deputy Principal
Dept Education

Bec is a master at bringing a team together and encouraging individuals in the group to bring their best self. Bec brought her inclusive, fun, easy going and warm nature to our session but all the while I was left with no doubt that not only was she 100% on point in her subject matter, she artfully guided and nudged our group to our fullest potential. Thanks Bec.

May McGarva
Atticus Accountants

"Bec joined the board on which I was a fellow Director and later Chair. I found her passion and skill to not only be of great professional value to the Board but also personally supportive in my role as chair. She was not afraid to challenge appropriately within board meetings but to also passionately champion the board and support the board in all forums. a great professional director!"

Dulise Maxwell
International Management Consultant

Another great workshop by Bec for Tea-cup Cottage.

Lea Dux

"Bec delivers a deeply insightful understanding of the importance of disruptive leadership, vulnerability in community culture and the significance of failure in growth. Bec is an awesome to draw out an understanding of your potential in the workplace."

Reilly Brown