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Bec Fox is a highly respected executive leadership coach and business coach and a specialist in transformational mindset, personality profiling and cultural wellness. With 30 years experience in business development, leadership, recruitment and high performance, Bec has helped hundreds of businesses optimise performance, build high functioning teams, increase sales, manage growth and create transformational change within their organisation.

As an avid adventurer, Bec runs unique corporate adventures and retreats that bring the invaluable skills of leadership, collaboration and creative problem solving learnt in the wild, into the workplace to unlock the peak performance and productivity of each individual.

Bec is also a highly sought after speaker. Known for her passion, high energy and engaging style, Bec delivers powerful insights in the areas of business, leadership and human psychology to shift perspectives, influence behaviour and create real transformation.

With a strong desire to give back to the business community, Bec has held many board positions and been a leader of women on professional boards and in Governance. Currently, Bec is on the board of directors for the Outdoor Council of Australia and Bendigo Bank- Wynnum Manly Redlands Community Bank. She is also the President of the Australian Camps Association.

Bec is a qualified Professional Executive Coach, Extended DISC Profiler and Trainer and Meta Dynamics 32 Profiler and is part of the International Coach Guild. She also has a Bachelor of Arts (Outdoor Education), Graduate Diploma Outdoor Education, Graduate Diploma in Education, Masters in Education and a Diploma of Business.

Bec Fox Leadership Coach

5 minutes with Bec

Let’s face it; a biography can only tell you so much. So we thought we’d take 5 minutes with Bec … Continued

What Bec's Clients Say

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Bec, has excellent interpersonal skills and is an expert in her field. Highly recommend her to your leadership team and student “leadership Teams

Ms Lim
Deputy Principal
Dept Education

Bec is a master at bringing a team together and encouraging individuals in the group to bring their best self. Bec brought her inclusive, fun, easy going and warm nature to our session but all the while I was left with no doubt that not only was she 100% on point in her subject matter, she artfully guided and nudged our group to our fullest potential. Thanks Bec.

May McGarva
Atticus Accountants

"Bec joined the board on which I was a fellow Director and later Chair. I found her passion and skill to not only be of great professional value to the Board but also personally supportive in my role as chair. She was not afraid to challenge appropriately within board meetings but to also passionately champion the board and support the board in all forums. a great professional director!"

Dulise Maxwell
International Management Consultant

Another great workshop by Bec for Tea-cup Cottage.

Lea Dux

"Bec delivers a deeply insightful understanding of the importance of disruptive leadership, vulnerability in community culture and the significance of failure in growth. Bec is an awesome to draw out an understanding of your potential in the workplace."

Reilly Brown