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Your team are the greatest asset you have in your organisation, but so many organisations fail to reward, engage and develop their team in ways that drive their organisation forward.

Here you will find unique ideas to unlock the hidden potential in your team and your executive leaders and develop their area of genius to unleash the power of your organisation whether you are looking for gifts, team building activities, retreats or adventures.



Need to build unity, collaboration, team spirit, resilience, communication or leadership in your team? Taking into consideration your organisational goals, team size and the skills needing to be developed, we customise teambuilding events that you will never forget. Events are run at a venue of your choice, or at the following locations:

Brisbane City and Southbank Parklands
Private and Exclusive Rooftop Venue in South Brisbane
Sunshine Coast Beach, Resorts and Venues
The Hinterland
Darling Downs and Toowoomba Region Venues
Gold Coast Beach, Resorts and Venues
Kooralbyn Resort (using Golf Buggies)

We can come to you – just name the state and location. All of our programs are mobile.
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We can customise a team building or team celebratory day that you and your team will never forget.

These can be organised as a team event or you can have Bec present to combine fun and leadership activities with active coaching throughout the day.

With customised training that is designed to your desired objectives and outcomes, the team building activities then become the metaphor for learning for greater understanding.



Disruptive and resilient leadership requires determination, grit, creativity and the ability to manage adversity, challenge and risk. It also requires a phenomenal team who are united in vision and can perform well under pressure. Sound like it’s too much to ask of your team? In many workplaces, it can be.

To develop these skills and the comradery needed in your team, you need to leave your usual environment, roles and bureaucracy behind and go on an adventure! What’s an adventure going to do, you might ask? Unleash your team’s power!

By evening out the playing field, getting everyone outside of the workplace and their comfort zones, and communicating and working together out of necessity, your team will have more authentic interactions, develop transferable skills that have a direct impact on your organisational performance and culture, and what’s more, achieve amazing feats and goals together.

Using adventure can offer life-changing experiences for executives and employees.

Whatever adventure program you choose, you will be guided and challenged by an experienced business, leadership and adventure facilitators who will be by your side before, during and after your adventure to make sure your objectives are achieved and that the skills and lessons gained are tied back into your business and implemented throughout the workplace.

They say the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, so before you book the usual sit-down-and-listen educational workshop for your team that can have a low 5% retention rate, why not consider something different – something that they will never forget.



Need to upskill, motivate and engage your team? The benefits of engaging in a bespoke team building program like The Holy Grail with quality facilitators include:

  • empowering leaders and individual employees
  • creating a culture of continuous improvement and alignment around shared goals
  • making change easier and faster
  • putting the strengths and minds of all team members toward action
  • enhancing the quality and speed of decisions
  • making behaviours and communication constructive instead of destructive
  • giving leaders more control over results, by engaging all team members to unleash their power in performance.

If these potential outcomes resonate with you, then it’s Holy Grail time! The Holy Grail is a bespoke adventure team program designed to excite, engage and challenge each member and reveal key strengths. Adventure builds teams. It unites people. It enhances playfulness, laughter and fun, builds camaraderie, communication and teamwork. In the Holy Grail participants must navigate their way through a series of challenges using physical, mental and creative abilities on their quest for the Holy Grail.


Based in Southbank Parklands, Botanical Gardens and Kangaroo Point, this is an awesome event for small to large teams. Activity stations are scattered throughout these venues with core themes essential for highly effective leadership and workplace culture. They include, but are not limited to

    1. Perseverance
    2. Camaraderie
    3. Identifying personal strengths
    4. Working in small teams
    5. Problem solving
    6. Kindness
    7. Using Multiple Intelligences
    8. Effective communication
    9. Strategic thinking

The day kicks off at the iconic Southbank “Brisbane sign” near QPAC and teams will be provided with a brief and smartphone maps for navigation. They will then self-navigate throughout the activity stations, collecting points if they complete the challenge in the given time. Travel requires walking (or running) between each activity and staying as a team. Alternatively, the use of electric scooters and city ferries is an option.

The activities span across the sites and all have experienced instructors at each site. Each activity and navigation takes team commitment and problem-solving. Activities may include, but are not limited to:

    1. Rock Climbing  (Kangaroo Point or West End)
    2. Abseiling (Kangaroo Point)
    3. Navigation
    4. Swimming (Southbank Pool)
    5. Physical fitness challenges  (Fitness challenge on Kurilpa Bridge and a beep test is popular)
    6. Stair climbing and /or descending (KP Cliffs stairs)
    7. Advanced problem-solving activities (as per Bec Fox Holy Grail Program)

This is an extremely popular event. Another popular option is that a facilitator stays with each group, leveraging from each experience and cementing vital key learnings along the way.

Upon request, we have also held this event at the Gold Coast beachfront and Sunshine Coast. All our programs are mobile so we can design team Challenges to any environment and for any leadership or team purposeful outcome.


Kooralbyn Valley Golf Course was voted the #1 Resort Golf Course in Queensland by Golf Course Guide’s Top 100 Courses in 2019.  Imagine holding an AMAZING RACE on it! Suitable for all fitness levels.

Welcome to a challenge like no other where you zoom between activities on golf carts and engage in a fun competition which brings loads of laughter, group cohesion and positive energy. The Golf Buggy Amazing Race will be a time to let off steam, play, and build camaraderie with others, ensuring the building of friendships and network support well beyond the event.


It is a super fun evening. We have many Murder mystery themes to choose from.

One of our most popular is the VIP party in Las Vegas! The Cosmo Casino & Resort is set to host a world-class soiree for celebrities, news media, and a few Vegas locals that were lucky enough to score tickets. Some of the most prominent figures of our time will be in attendance and this will certainly be a night to remember. However, there is a situation. The city of Las Vegas has been terrorized by a serial killer with an MO of attending VIP events held on the strip. The killer, known as the Sin City Slayer, chooses victims from unsuspecting party guests. The Las Vegas police are currently working with federal agencies to catch this deranged predator. Hopefully, the killer doesn’t have a ticket to this event. This is where your story begins…

We forward the characters for the evening so you can distribute them among your team.  We can run this event from teams as small as 12 into the hundreds. We provide characters that come with a costume suggestion, names and characterisations. They help you prepare for the event, we encourage you to dress and act in character. All characters, except for one can be male or female.


For the Murder Mystery, the proceedings normally take around 3 hours, can be done over lunch or dinner. We recommend the game be conducted around a 3-course meal.  In short, throughout the evening our facilitators will issue cards that each guest must reveal about themselves, or conceal about themselves and do certain actions. They will receive 3 rounds of cards. The murderer and victim don’t know who they are until quite later in the game. And then it’s all on. The investigation, accusations and eventually the murderer is revealed at the end of the night. As with all murder mysteries the more involved in the characterisation the better. 

We can run this event at any conference venue, private restaurant or typically run these events at our own venue at Mt Tamborine, Sunshine Coast and Southbank overlooking the city.


A little different to the norm! This event can be held at your conference or workplace venue, or at our corporate spaces at Mt Tamborine, Coolum or Southbank venues. Rooms are themed with casino tables, poker chips (no real money required or lost), game instructions and super friendly hosts. Games include Black Jack, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, and Roulette. Casino Royale provides a great opportunity for your team to have some fun and let their hair down.

We run these events in a fun way where you can be a beginner and we teach you how to play the games. Its super fun.

We don’t take it seriously making it a very different experience for your team. Chips are provided, laughter is plentiful and if you run out of chips, you spin the Dare Wheel to see what task you must complete gaining a few more poker chips!



Too often we are rushing day to day working ‘in’ our business rather than ‘on’ our businesses, effective processes, strategies, vision, structures and our people.

Forget the boring corporate retreats with mind-numbing presentations and the same-old trust-building tactics; you want a retreat that enables your key teams to authentically reconnect, find a shared vision and memorable for all the right reasons.

Knowing the importance of going ‘wild’ and how crucial it can be for extending your own limitations, learning new skills and creating comradery, we help you unleash the power of your team through adventure by customising weekend or week-long corporate retreats that meet your needs and objectives.

We run events and tailor-make teambuilding overnight stays for your team locally at Mt Tamborine, Spicer’s Hidden Vale, Gold Coast and at Sunshine Coast venues. Our Teambuilding Retreats are designed to develop a high performing culture, create mindful and disruptive leaders and provide the necessary mix of time out, reflection, team challenges, workshops and adventure to improve creative problem solving and create changes in perspective.

Time away from the workplace and the distractions of technology combined with fresh air, good food and greenery encourages greater creative thinking, drives greater performance and facilitates greater ideas and bonding opportunities.

Are you in the process of planning your next corporate retreat? Let’s have a chat on 0407 915 300 to design the retreat your team wants and your business needs.

Call us today or email us on to chat about an ideal adventure program or extended event for your team.

What Bec's Clients Say

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You were definitely the right person to sort out our School Camps Business Division and you have done an outstanding job. You have met most of our performance objectives with professionalism at all times and, as a result, you certainly have in us some dedicated ‘Bec Fox’ devotees forevermore.

Judi Minnikin
Managing Director and Owner
Cedar Creek Lodges & Thunderbird Park®

We have been working with Bec Fox and her team for over 5 years. Our corporate clients LOVE the team building programs on offer and always provide fabulous feedback about Bec’s team and the outcomes they achieve. It has been a pleasure working with Bec and we look forward to creating more opportunities together in the future.

Cassie Spellacy
Operations Manager
Cedar Creek Lodges & Thunderbird Park®

It always such a pleasure to work with Bec on the International Camp Directors Course. Bec has an amazing and well-proven depth of knowledge in Camp Business Management, to which she now adds an extraordinary insight as a Business and LeadershipCoach. Thanks, Bec for your energy and enthusiasm - you inspired the course (me included) to get better and better at what we do. Look forward to working with you again soon!

Paul Colagiuri
Director and Co-Owner
Sydney Urban Challenge and Camp Somerset

Unleash Your Power is an apt name for anything involving Bec Fox, whose professional skills and business acumen are second-to-none. Bec's extensive and high-level management experience, complemented by her boundless energy and enthusiasm, create the 'perfect storm' for any organisation or individual requiring leadership consultancy, coaching or mentoring.    

Helen Gibney
Cleanskin Marketing

We would like to thank Rebecca for her insightful knowledge and outstanding support in coaching and helping us to be outstanding at everything that we do. She explains concepts and strategies in such a way that makes you have great confidence and strength to move forward in everything that you aspire to. We feel so happy after seeing Bec and feel like we could tackle anything. On top of the world! Thanks Bec, you are a star....  

Luke Marton
CEO and Founder
Life By Design Financial Services